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21st Century Skills: Key to the Future

85 percent of jobs that will exist by 2030 have not yet been invented according to research from Dell Technologies. Leaders from Ignited explain how summer fellowships with top companies help teachers inspire students to learn teamwork, communication, exploration, and innovation – skills critical for tackling the unknown challenges of the future.

Sparking STEM Innovation

Working at top companies, Ignited Teacher Fellows bring cutting-edge innovation back to the classroom from fields such as AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), and even rocket science! How do they do it? Education Transfer Plans. ETPs cover everything from advanced physics, medical science, and environmental and energy technologies to project management, data analysis, and data visualization of complex lab procedures.

Bay Area Companies Lead the Way in Innovation – By Investing in Local STEM Education

As the leaders in American innovation, the Bay Area’s top companies are also among the most aware of the looming skills gap, and the need to rethink our education system to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Some forward-thinking Bay Area firms are leading the charge by investing in local teachers – giving them hands-on industry workplace experiences in order to transform STEM education in local schools. Ignited, the non-profit that organizes the effort, explains more.

Creating Pathways to STEM Careers

Preparing the innovators of tomorrow starts in Bay Area classrooms today. Ignited Teacher Fellows gain hands-on experience working at top companies, and translate this experience back to their students, creating relevance and aligning the skills students learn in the classroom to future careers in STEM fields.

How Companies Are Changing STEM Education

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, employers in rapidly growing sectors can’t wait for state and federal governments to update school curricula. By bringing teachers into the workplace, they take relevant learning straight to classrooms where students can benefit today.

The Power of Mentors: Igniting Exciting Learning

Mentoring is at the heart of Ignited’s work. Corporate mentors share real-world experiences with teachers, Ignited coaches help educators transform their summer work experience into curriculum, and teachers mentor students to pursue their dreams.

Equal Opportunity Through Enterprise

Ignited provides advanced learning opportunities for teachers from public schools, private schools, and charter schools from kindergarten through college level. About 30 percent of students served are disadvantaged and underrepresented in STEM fields. Business leaders, educators, and students share what they’ve learned.

Inspiring Women in STEM­

Women accounted for less than a third (28.8%) of those employed in scientific research and development (R&D) across the world in 2014, and earn only about a third of undergraduate degrees in STEM fields — despite efforts to increase their numbers. Ignited leaders discuss how companies and teachers are inspiring more girls to enter STEM fields.

What Are We Missing in Education?

Know how to measure the complexity of an algorithm, design products using calculus, or analyze big data to achieve a business outcome? Ignited leaders discuss skills top companies need employees to have in order to compete and succeed, and how we can infuse them into classrooms.

Retool ­Your Future

The old ways of rote learning won’t cut it in a world where data and technology are constantly changing. Instead, students need to become agile life-long learners. Ignited leaders explain how teachers, through hands-on experience in high tech and other advanced industries, teach students to analyze, explore, and think critically and creatively.
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